Reducing Plastic Waste: ZeroWater’s Peel-Off Filter Lid Makes a Significant Impact

July 10, 2023

ZeroWater, a company in water filtration technology, is making significant strides towards sustainability with its latest innovation—the peel-off filter lid. By reducing plastic usage in their 5-stage water filters by 20%, the company is making a remarkable annual saving of 357,000 pounds of plastic.

This design change is both ingenious and straightforward. ZeroWater has replaced the conventional cap-style lid with a peel-off alternative, while also minimizing plastic in the filter housing. This modification translates into eliminating a staggering 16.2 million single-use plastic bottles compared to their previous lid design. Additionally, utilizing one of their 5-stage filters can save up to 300 plastic single-use bottles or the equivalent of 1,800 plastic bottles annually.

ZeroWater’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond product design. They have established a recycling program where customers can send used filters to a dedicated facility for responsible recycling. This initiative alone disposes of over 10,000 post-consumer filters each year, preventing further plastic waste from entering landfills.

Considering the global consumption of 1.2 million single-use plastic bottles daily, with a mere 9% being recycled, ZeroWater’s redesigned peel-off lid and recycling program are vital steps towards curbing post-consumer plastic waste. These initiatives exemplify the company’s dedication to sustainability and provide a valuable model for other businesses striving to minimize their environmental footprint.

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