Socorro Bebidas partners with Crown to launch Acquíssima Sabor mineral water

July 20, 2023

Brazilian beverage producer Socorro Bebidas has partnered with Crown Embalagens Metálicas da Amazônia S.A., a subsidiary of Crown Holdings, Inc., to introduce Acquíssima Sabor flavoured mineral water in 350ml CrownSleek cans. This premium zero-calorie drink offers natural aromas and serves as a health-conscious alternative for consumers seeking hydration and essential nutrients. The initial lineup features two flavours, Lychee and Green Apple, and is now available in Acquíssima stores, restaurants and supermarkets across Brazil. Socorro’s previous success with CrownSleek cans for its Acquíssima mineral water brand further solidified the partnership

The growing demand for canned water

Brazil has witnessed a substantial surge in the consumption of canned water, with volumes increasing nearly sevenfold between 2021 and 2022. This trend reflects a shift in consumer preference towards aluminium packaging for water, surpassing traditional options such as tap and bulk water. Socorro recognised the need to choose a packaging format that not only highlighted the refreshing and health-conscious aspects of their beverage but also demonstrated their commitment to sustainability. Aluminium cans provide an excellent barrier against light and oxygen, preserving the freshness of the product. Moreover, aluminium cans are infinitely recyclable, making them the most recycled beverage package globally. These qualities resonate with Brazilian consumers, contributing to the country’s remarkable 100% recycling rate for aluminium beverage cans.

An optimal packaging choice

Maurício Cruz, Commercial Director of Socorro, expressed pride in the collaboration with Crown for the launch of the Acquíssima Sabor line. Cruz stated that the goal was to provide Brazilian consumers with a healthy and delicious beverage alternative. They sought packaging that could effectively convey the brand’s uniqueness, its refreshing appeal, and the company’s commitment to sustainability. Ultimately, the beverage can emerged as the ideal choice. Altair Frulane, Crown’s Commercial Director, echoed this sentiment, emphasising that beverage cans meet consumer needs in ways no other packaging format can. Metal packaging is lightweight, convenient and durable, ensuring the product remains fresh. Additionally, cans are highly sustainable, resonating with conscientious consumers who prioritise eco-friendly packaging.

Supporting Socorro’s expansion

Crown is excited to support Socorro as they continue to expand their product portfolio in beverage cans. Frulane highlights the advantages of metal packaging, including its lightweight nature, portability and convenience. Not only does it protect the product, but it also keeps it fresh. The sustainability factor is crucial for modern consumers who value packaging that aligns with their eco-conscious values. Beverage cans represent a packaging solution that consumers can feel good about, contributing to the growing success of Socorro’s products.

With the increasing demand for canned water in Brazil, the choice of aluminium packaging aligns with consumer preferences and sustainability goals. The unique properties of metal cans, such as protection against light and oxygen, help keep the product fresh. Furthermore, aluminium cans are infinitely recyclable, reinforcing their appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

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