December 2, 2021

American grocery retailer Kroger, Dutch egg producer Kipster Farms, and MPS Eggs, have joined forces to bring the first carbon-neutral, cage-free eggs to retail shelves in the US where Kroger serve over 11 million customers daily.

Kroger logo

The chain’s Simple Truth label will carry the eggs which will be produced in a closed-loop system that Kroger says “will align with the highest health and welfare standards for both people and animals”.

Brad Studer, senior director at Our Brands for Kroger, commented: “These sustainable, zero-waste eggs reflect yet another milestone in Kroger’s Zero Hunger | Zero Waste mission to create communities free of hunger and waste.”

Best laid plans from Kipster…

Long-standing Kroger partner MPS Egg Farms, based in Indiana, recently started construction on the first production facility using Kipster’s proprietary system. Among its key elements are:

  • The highest standards of animal welfare, providing a cage-free, natural-like wooded environment with plenty of daylight and outdoor space
  • Chicken feed made from surplus food from bakeries and other food producers to reduce climate impacts compared with standard feed
  • Minimised fine particle emissions, resulting in better air quality
  • Powered by rooftop solar panels.

Using this model, chickens upcycle food waste into eggs, meat and fertile manure. Kipster claims it is the only poultry farmer in the world to offer such a high level of circularity.

The new Simple Truth eggs are expected to be available in select stores from late 2022 and will further expand the brand’s line of natural and more sustainable choices while also advancing Kroger’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy called Thriving Together. They also reflect progress on the company’s previously-stated aim of a phased transition to cage-free eggs.

How and why Kipster developed its carbon-neutral system for egg production.

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