January 19, 2023

Excess stock from Aldi’s network of Regional Distribution Centres (RDCs) is to be made available to Community Shop stores across the UK after the supermarket extended its partnership with Company Shop Group (CSG), a redistributor of surplus food.

The supermarket has confirmed that all its RDCs will now help in the redistribution of food that cannot be sold in its stores. Community Shop is part of CSG and acts as a social enterprise that uses surplus food to feed those on the cusp of food poverty at deeply discounted prices.

CSG is working with Aldi to manage extra stock from the grocer’s RDCs. It will then go into the CSG’s stores across the country to help those in need. Since first launching their collaboration in 2015, Company Shop Group has helped Aldi prevent over 14,700 tonnes of food from going to waste. This new national rollout is estimated to prevent a further 2,860 tonnes of food from going to waste each year.

Surplus food demand higher than ever

Liz Fox, corporate responsibility director at Aldi UK, said: “Reducing food waste is incredibly important to us, and we know that by rolling this scheme out nationally, it will make a huge difference to communities across the UK. Sadly, the demand for surplus food is currently higher than ever. By extending our partnership, we can make a positive difference.”

Gary Stott, executive chairman at Community Shop, added: “We are incredibly excited to be able to extend our partnership with Aldi. The surplus stock that we redistribute through Community Shop is a lifeline for so many people, and by rolling out the partnership nationally, we can deliver positive impacts for people and communities on a much greater scale.”

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