August 17, 2021

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) has released sustainability goals which state that US production will be climate neutral by 2040. By setting new goals, the NCBA says it will further enhance the US system and demonstrate global leadership in environmental, economic and social production.

The goals outlined for the American cattle industry include the following:

  • Demonstrate climate neutrality of US production by 2040
  • Create and enhance opportunities that result in a quantifiable increase in producer profitability and economic sustainability by 2025
  • Enhance trust in producers as responsible stewards of their animals and resources by expanding educational opportunities in animal care and handling programmes to further improve animal well-being
  • Continuously improve the industry’s workforce safety and well-being.

Cattle farmers and ranchers drive change

Marty Smith, a Florida cattleman and NCBA past president, commented: “Cattlemen work tirelessly to protect the land, water and air resources in their care. Through countless improvements in genetics, grazing management, manure handling and the adoption of many other technologies, this is just the next step on our industry’s path.”

These latest goals are the culmination of a rancher-led process. A Sustainability Goals Task Force was formed in 2021 to evaluate the current state of beef sustainability and determine which improvements were most critical. Members of this working group were cattle farmers and ranchers from across the US.

Smith added: “Producers deserve recognition for their use of cutting-edge practices and technologies that minimise environmental impact. By setting goals, we’re publicly committing to continuous improvement that allows us to measure and document those efforts.”

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