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MBA Centar Sarajevo brings Almo Ready Meals to SIAL 2022

Renowned Croatian chef Almo is presenting his new ready meals at SIAL Paris 2022. Almo Ready Meals will be showcasing products such as the Pizza Vegana, made with no soy, preservatives, artificial…

The PlantEat Inc. asks visitors to eat plants for the planet at SIAL Paris 2022

The PlantEat Inc. is a Korean food technology startup which develops and produces various plant-based foods and ingredients. The company has built up a database of over 1.1 million food ingredients, going…

Cocoriton invites visitors to taste plant-based patties at SIAL Paris 2022

Cocoriton is a French company with distinct farming roots. The company is inviting visitors at SIAL Paris 2022 to taste its latest plant-based foods. The eco-friendly patties, made from cereals and legumes,…

Cuula unveils small and smart can cooler at SIAL Paris 2022

Cuula is the name of a unique can cooler and dispenser, with a variety of uses and applications. Cuula can be used to cool between six and seven cans within 35 minutes,…

FRIMA presents fresh tacos at SIAL Paris 2022

Founded in 1987, FRIMA Europe is presenting a range of savoury and sweet snacking products at SIAL Paris 2022. This year, riding on the success of the French tacos in franchised restaurants,…

Evergreen offers “just the fun part” of the sundae ice cream cone

Just the Fun Part is the name of an exciting brand from Evergreen that is presenting its unique sundae cones at SIAL Paris 2022. The brand offers a unique tasting experience, with…