August 15, 2022

Spice producer Kalsec has teamed up with biomanufacturer Infinome Biosciences in a bid to sustainably develop and commercialise precision fermentation products.

Kalsec, a leading global producer of natural spice and herb extracts for the food and beverage industry, has announced a new partnership with Infinome Biosciences, a next generation biomanufacturing company. The collaboration aims to deliver naturally produced, highly innovative ingredients with superior quality and consistency, in the most sustainable way possible.

Ingredients can be difficult to produce if they are too costly to extract from the plant, are not available in large enough quantities or require a lot of resources such as water and land to grow. However, precision fermentation will help Kalsec overcome these hurdles in its production of natural ingredients and colours used in everything from poultry and plant-based proteins to breads, sauces and pickles.

Infinome co-founder and CEO Dr Richard Fox comments: “Infinome’s GenoScaler is a complete, end-to-end microbial manufacturing platform based on several breakthrough technology developments.

“Our goal at Infinome is to enable more companies to access the bioeconomy by accelerating the development and reducing the risk and complexity of biomanufacturing.”

Kalsec and Infinome fermentation project
Credit: Sigmund / Unsplash

Fermentation has become increasingly commonplace in recent years with companies looking to develop sustainable ingredients on a much larger scale.

Through advanced technology, strategy, and processes, Infinome is helping to create sustainable solutions with long-term partners like Kalsec.

Meanwhile Kalsec’s long history and expertise in creating natural products and solutions for the food and beverage industry will enable it to maximise the benefits of Infinome’s microbial strain engineering platform. By working closely with their customers, the development team at Kalsec has identified various large product opportunities.

R&D teams at Infinome will work with Kalsec to develop sustainable biomanufacturing processes through accelerated strain engineering and process development.

CEO Scott Nykaza comments: “The lens used to select projects include sustainability, efficiency, and enabling the use of more natural products through new production practices.

“We have already embraced using Infinome’s ground-breaking technology to develop more products in our pipeline to deliver sustainable improvements for our customers.”

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